Barker-Vormawor’s planned donation to inmates was against Police Standard Operating Procedure – Police

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The Police have explained the circumstances under which they refused Convener of Fixthecountry country movement, Oliver Barker-Vormawor, the opportunity to donate to inmates at the Ashaiman Police cell.

The Police said in a statement on Monday March 21 that the planned donation was “against the Police Standard Operating Procedure (PSOP) on the feeding of person in the Police custody ands he should therefore refrain from such practice

“In spite of the notice given him he showed up at the Police station in the company of some other individuals and musical bands with the obvious intention still of making the donation and creating unnecessary drama.”

The FxThecoubtry Movement had said that “We have just been informed by the Police hierarchy that the Ashaiman Police Station has been instructed not to accept the donations to Oliver Barker-Vormawor’s former cell mates.

“As we understand, the Officers have been informed that if we persist with the donation, the Police are under instructions to say that there is no senior officer to receive the items.

“We already delivered 40 bags of water to the Police before the information came through. We have been called to come back for the water.

“After deliberations, our team has decided to still proceed with the donation. The Police have the option to either accept or refuse the donations to the detainees, many of whom go days without food.

“We are extremely concerned that our institutions cannot in times of difficulty shed their partisan instinct, to ensure that donations which are intended for persons who are vulnerable, are catered for, and the complete disregard Police have for the detained to the point of rejecting donations that are meant for the detainees who desperately need it.

“If the Police refuse the donation, we will consider donating the items to another institution such as any orphanages, shelters or charities around Ashaiman.

“If you have any suggestions as to where the donation can be made, kindly let us know in the comment section.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana

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