Banking halts at banks collapsed into Consolidated Bank

Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are out of place[/caption] Banking services in some of the branches of the five banks that have been consolidated by the Bank of Ghana into Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited have been halted . checks at the Construction Bank at Accra Central, Royal Bank and uniBank at Kokomelemele, Biege Bank at Abossey Okai revealed a no show, at least as at the time of our visit as of midday. Even though  workers had turned up for work and there were customers, people were not allowed to access the banking halls. Visibly on the Automated Teller Machines (AMT) of  uniBank and Royal banks was the inscription “This ATM is temporary out of service”. Another notice at a branch of Royal bank had quite a lengthy text announcing the takeover of the bank to customers. “The revocation of the consolidated license and the appointment of a receiver, the functions of the royal bank have come to an end, the management and members have no authority to give any instruction to any person permitted to engage in any operation and financial transactions of the bank”, a notice at Kokomelemele branch of Royal bank reads. The Bank of Ghana on Wednesday, August 1, announced the revocations of the licences of Beige Bank, Construction Bank, the Royal Bank, Sovereign Bank and uniBank and the establishment of Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited to take over the assets of the affected banks. Read:BoG establishes Consolidated Bank for 5 distressed banks Unibank Even though the governor announced banking activities will continue seamlessly as usual, our checks revealed otherwise. However some staffs of the bank assured the customers that they should return later, but the authorities will not talk to the media. Other branches had security men turning away customers who had turned up to do business.

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By Portia Gafah ||Ghana]]>