Ban Motorbikes after 8.00 pm – Security Expert

Emmanuel Kutin, Executive Director, African Centre for Security and Counter-Terrorism (ACSC) has called on the Inspector General of Police and other security bodies to quickly rally and nib the growing incidence of insecurity across the country, stressing that currently a lot of people feel insecure afraid of what might befall them as they go about their daily routines.
He said the system must promptly reassure the entire Ghanaian populace of what they are doing to ensure peace and security.
“Immediately,” Mr. Kutin said, “the police must quickly ban the use of motorbikes after 8.00 pm as a means of reducing criminals who use motorbikes for their operations and reassure the entire populace of what they are doing; have done to restore peace and security.”
Mr. Kutin was speaking on 3FM’s Current Affairs programme ‘Late Edition’ on the seeming inability of the security agencies to nib the deteriorating security situation in the bud. He said he was at a loss that after several instances of lawlessness and criminal activity resulting in loss of lives after the gruesome murder of Major Maxwell Mahama, “we have not heard any key statement from the Minister of The Interior, Security Coordinator, Minister for National Security or the IGP on a strategy or news of it that has been put in place to create an atmosphere of confidence for the people.
It is on record that almost 10 persons have been killed under mysterious circumstances across different regions in the country following the killing of Major Mahama in Denkyira Obuasi. They are a 75-year-old woman was lynched in the Upper East Region, another man was lynched in Central Region for stealing 1.50 Ghana Pesewas, the killing of two chiefs in the Volta Region and Amasaman, a policeman at Michel Camp and the stabbing of a 78-year-old Anthony Adomako, CEO of Coconut Guest House without any item taken.
He bemoaned the increasing spate of killings all over the country, saying the situation is getting out of hand and urged the police and other security to work assiduously on gathering intelligence to apprehend criminals and notorious persons who for now are ahead of them.
Mr. Kutin called on Nana Akufo Addo, “to begin to act and stop the rhetoric. These incidences and frequency are becoming one too many. The responsibility stops with the head of every institution. There is no concrete, pragmatic statement from any of the people mandated to be responsible for it.
He admitted that the role of the National Security Minister is new and will take some time to synchronize. “But not the same with the Minister and Ministry of The Interior who has established arms and organs on the ground.”
Mr. Kutin pleaded with the government to quickly resource the police with more vehicles saying the last time was during the Professor Mills’ regime in 2011.
Gideon Sackitey, 3FM 92.7, Accra

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