Ballots to the Ashanti Region "tampered with", Boateng Gyan alleges

National Organiser of the National Democratic Congress(NDC) Yaw Boateng Gyan says the party’s operatives in the Ashanti Region have detected an anomaly with the bags containing the ballots from the Electoral Commission(EC).

According to him, he suspects the bags have been “tampered with”.

Speaking exclusively on TV 3 News, the NDC National Organiser said the bags were sealed before they left the EC’s offices and so the party finds it difficult to understand how they got torn before reaching the Ashanti Region, which is considered the lynchpin of the opposition New Patriotic Party.

“There has been a hitch in the conveyance of the ballot papers,” he said on News 360.

“The bags that contained the ballot papers got torn somewhere in the Ashanti Region. That is the information we have got from our operatives, who have checked and rechecked. We need to call the attention of the Electoral Commission because before [the papers] leave Accra’s printing house, they are sealed with the EC’s seal and those of all the political parties. Therefore, we think when it gets to the final destination it should be intact.”

He therefore called on the EC to look into the matter.




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