Bad news sells – Habiba Sinare apologizes for saying marriage with Northern men is ‘horrible’

Bad news sells - Habiba Sinare apologizes for saying marriage with Northern men is 'horrible'
Habiba Sinare

Actress Habiba Sinare, the ex-wife of former Black Stars player Abdul Majeed Waris, has apologized for an old video in which she says marrying a man from the Northern Region is “horribly something else.”

Habiba Sinare addressed the ongoing controversy in a post on her official Facebook account. She wrote: ” I have become aware of the reactions to some portions of an interview I granted and wish to state the following;
1. That interview was granted a long time ago… In that same video, I have spoken highly of my ex-husband and his brother. I guess you know they are Northerners. Why is that portion not trending? Maybe, it’s because a bad story sells and sells faster.”

Sinare continued to speak about her achievements and conscious efforts to push the development and culture of the Northern Region to attain global recognition.
As a mother, she detailed how her son will always be a Northerner like herself and how her movies are carefully crafted to exhibit Northern culture.

“My son is and will remain a Dagomba and, for that matter, a northerner. Why will I innately hate the same, and for what?… My fierce critic, I will invite you to come and join me with the construction of my maternity centre in Salaga, Savannah Region. The least of my interventions in the north is endless but also on the quiet. All in the service of humanity. I regret I am making them public. You cannot be a northerner more than me.”

The resurfaced video shows Habiba Sinare recounting her experiences with her ex-husband. She told how her father-in-law restricted her movements, including other untoward actions from him and his family, which aggravated her mental health leading to depression.

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In another video explaining her past utterances that have agitated the Northern community, she says: ” I said things I wasn’t supposed to… I just said what was in my heart… You know how bloggers are? They cut off the part that will make you feel good, and the bad ones came up…

“Anybody out there that doesn’t know the situation one is in and you have the guts behind your yam and you sit down there and be insulting people when you have no idea of what they are going through. Trust me, the thunder that is coming to you is still doing arm presses. You have to be careful because the internet can actually bring a curse upon your life. No jokes. You are sitting down there asking God, when will you blow? Because you’ve been insulting people.”