Baby Mikael Egle receives 2nd tranche of funds from 3 Foundation for 2nd surgery

Six-month-old Baby Mike Egle has successfully undergone the second in a series of surgeries aimed at restoring his neurological functions, reduce the size of his head and enhance his facial appearance.

Baby Mike, suffering from hydrocephalus, has received two tranches of support from the 3 Foundation after an appeal was launched in early September.

Following the success of the first procedure on Tuesday, September 20 to begin the process of extracting excess fluid and reducing the mass of Baby Mike’s head, there has been gradual improvement in the child’s cognitive functions.

According to neurosurgeon at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital Dr. Hassan Andani, “the aim of this surgery was to continue to decrease the accumulated Cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF) which is inside the brain, to help in his improvement and his neuro-cognitive development”.

3 Foundation made the second donation towards Baby Mike’s treatment on Monday, October 25, the second donation of proceeds from the appeal for funds launched on his behalf.

This surgery is the second in a series of procedures, which according to the neurosurgeons, would further reduce the mass of his head and prepare the child for cranial and facial reconstruction.

Lead neurosurgeon at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital Dr. Samuel Kaba was optimistic the series of surgical procedures will help fully restore Baby Mike’s neuro-cognitive functions and to a large extent repair his facial features.

Dr. Kaba has assured donors of the commitment of the surgical team towards Baby Mike’s treatment and full recovery.

The family, through the 3 Foundation continues to appeal for support for the remaining procedures towards his full recovery.

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3 Foundation is passionately appealing to the public to continue supporting Baby Mike’s journey.

Send your donations to 3 Foundation on MTN Mobile Money number 0597433110 or merchant ID number 120494 with reference BABY MIKE.

Make your donations online at

Your donations will go to serve a worthy course.

By Nancy Vukania||Ghana