Azumah Nelson on Ali: He had it all; I loved him

Mohammed Ali
Muhammed Ali

African boxing legend Azumah Nelson has spoken warmly of Muhammed Ali and described the moments he met the boxing great and legend as infectious.

Azumah, a three time boxing world champion told TV3 Sports meeting Ali always had a profound impact on him.

“We met a couple of times and most of the times when we met he would crack jokes and that’s why I like him so much

“He likes human being, he is a nice guy, he wants everyone to be happy and he is God fearing so I love him so much,” Azumah said.

Azumah was also in awe of Ali’s boxing skills. “He talked a lot when he was coming to fight you.  He will say ‘I’m gonna fight you, I’m gonna knock you out, I’m gonna float like a butterfly, I’m going sting like a bee. He was gifted. He knows how to talk and when it comes to the fight he will beat you because he knows the art, you know boxing is an art, he had the power, he had the speed so he had it all.”

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