Ayeduase: Man didn’t shoot himself – Eye witness challenges police report

The Ayeduase shooting is taking an interesting twist as contradictory eyewitness reports have revealed the suspect, Samson Zabanga, may not have shot himself as being reported by police.

A oolice statement on Tuesday, November 17 mentioned that the suspect, during a road rage, gunned himself in his KIA Optima after shooting another at Ayeduase near KNUST.

But reports Akoma FM is gathering indicate that the suspect did not shoot himself but was shot from unknown location.

Speaking on the morning show GhanAkoma on Wednesday, November 18, an eyewitness, who insisted on speaking on condition of anonymity, recounted that “I was there on Tuesday morning at a spot called ‘Beema Nkwan Junction’. All what I saw was that a salon car has crossed the road, the driver got down and confronted another driver for driving recklessly”.

The eyewitness further revealed that “the confrontation was extended to a third person namely Kwame Amoah. The suspect slapped Kwame Amoah and Kwame also returned the slap then the suspect drew a gun from his car and shot the victim [Kwame Amoah].”

The eyewitness further explained that “after that, the suspect stayed in his car for more than 20 minutes whiles the crowd was threatening to lynch him. When the police got to the scene, he was instructed to step out from his car”.

“I saw him open the car door with his two hands in the air, indicating that he has surrendered. When he was stepping out all what I saw was that the suspect has been shot from an unknown location and he fell with his pistol stuck to his jeans belt.”

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After recounting the incident to the host, Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin, the eyewitness quizzed, “How can someone shoot himself and strap his gun to his belt?”

A video from the scene Akoma FM has intercepted corroborates the eyewitness account.

The video shows a police officer who withdrew a pistol tucked in and strapped to the suspect’s belt.

Although earlier accounts that have flooded the media explained the suspect shot himself, questions people are begging are how a person can shoot himself from his occiput.

Although police sitrep indicates the suspect shot himself, they are yet to respond to some of these pressing questions.

By Nana Asenso Mensah|Akoma FM|3news.com|Ghana