Ayawaso victim wants justice; cries as he narrates how he saw his shot leg dangling

A Victim of the shooting incident which took place at Bawaleshie during the Ayawaso West Wuogon by-election, Ishawu Yaro is asking the Commission of Inquiry probing the incident to ensure that his shooters are brought to book and dealt with. Ishawu Yaro made this appeal when he took his turn at the Commission, whose sitting was moved to the 37 Military Hospital where he is currently on admission, to give an account of happenings that led to the shooting on January 31, 2019. In his narration, Mr Yaro who was a professional footballer said he was in Bawaleshie as an observer for the NDC candidate in the election, Delali Kwasi Brempong when the unfortunate incident happened. According to Mr. Yaro, they were around the NDC candidate’s house when he saw some group of masked armed men advanced towards the house of the candidate. “They asked a question that what are we doing here, and that we should leave the place. Some people answered that we are not at the polling station, but at the parliamentary candidate’s house, so why should we leave. Suddenly, there were arguments between us and them. “At that moment, the people started beating and chasing some of our people, at that time I was standing in front of the parliamentary candidate’s house…Suddenly what I heard was warning shots in the air, and our people were running for their dear lives. “Suddenly, what I saw was they were shooting stray bullets towards us, I was just hearing gunshots and started running for my dear life, before I realized I was on the ground, when i get up, i fall, several times, i get up, i fall, what i saw was that my leg was hanging. Then I was crying and shouting for help, and some good Samaritans came to pick me up. Good Samaritans after picking me, they placed me in a pick up…” Mr. Yaro recounted through tears. He lamented amidst tears that his entire life has been brought to a halt due to the incident which has rendered him incapacitated, and that he is unable to do the things he used to do due to his current condition. “I think they formed this Commission because of justice. Someone is out there now enjoying when he shot me and wanted to shoot my life. “I have a family; wife and children, now business and everything is not going on well. How will I look after them now.” Mr. Yaro lamented. Mr. Yaro therefore appealed to the Commission to ensure that perpetrators of the shooting incident are dealt with by law. “Once this Commission is for justice, please justice must be done. I want justice to be done, I need justice, and it must be done. “My doctors are doing a very good job, but I do not sleep at night, you can ask my colleagues in the room, I cry like a baby. I just went to support my candidate, and they want to spoil my life. I am now thinking about my family, my wife, my children, my mom and dad and other people I used to support; now how can I support them? So I am begging you, justice must be done,” Mr. Yaro appealed to the Commission On his part, Chairman of the Commission Justice Emile Short told the victim that the Commission encouraged him to stay strong as he promised that justice would be served. “I can assure you that we will do everything to ensure justice is done, so please take heart and be strong,” Justice Short assured Mr. Yaro. Mr. Yaro is the last witness to testify before the Commission since it began sitting on February 14, 2019. The Commission indicated after his testimony that it has concluded its sitting, and that it will review the testimonies and present a report to the president in due time.

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By Irene Amesimeku|3news.com|Ghana]]>