Ayariga spoke the truth but ‘nonsensical’

Before I start let me explain what ‘Nonsensical’ means before anyone misinterpret. Something is nonsensical when it has no meaning and makes no sense. Honourable Mahama Ayariga, your statement on Rainbow Radio that politicians; people within the NDC, Chiefs, Opinion Leaders etc. brought pressure to bear on you so YOU DID NOT DO WHAT WAS EXPECTED OF YOU  as a Minister of State simply indicates the following:

  • Your Derelicted your duty
  • You Contributed to deaths, pains and trauma
  • You Caused Financial Loss to the State
  • You don’t Deserve to Occupy a Position
Dereliction of Duty For a business to strive, it needs competence from management down to the operatives. Governance is not different in this direction. In Ghana after the president nominates one for a ministerial position, Parliament does the ‘interview.’ Hence when approval is given, we believe it was based on competence. A Minister’s role involves day-to-day functioning of the ministry and taking care of the state-centric functioning of that ministry. In terms of Hon. Ayariga, his responsibility was to ensure that he did the RIGHT THING in terms of wrongful siting of fuel and gas filling stations. It was during Hon Ayariga’s tenure as Minister of Environment when the June 2015 fire broke. He traversed the country locating wrongfully-sited fuel and gas filling stations. He and his team then came out to tell us (Ghanaians) that those wrongfully-sited fuel and gas stations were going to be closed. Today if Hon Ayariga says he could not do it due to pressure, I think it was mere DERELICTION OF DUTY.
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Contributing to Deaths and Pain There is a proverb that says “The elderly who looked on unconcerned for children to eat the flesh of a snake, can as well be counted among the eaters.’ Hon Mahama Ayariga, if your dereliction of duty – your concern for politicians, chiefs etc. and unconcern for the millions of lives – did anything, it added to seven deaths and over 130 pains not to mention trauma and loss of money. Were you working for those politicians, chiefs etc. or for Ghana? I do not think those who impressed on you to stop were up to 7 + 132 human lives (and this is in only one instance), not to talk about others. So you listened and kowtowed to a few handful of people and left the masses to rot? Hon. Ayariga unfortunately those you talking about are faceless so you stand alone as what? Powerful Contributor to Death, Pain, Trauma, Loss of Property etc. Causing Financial Loss to the State Hon. Ayariga worked tirelessly – traversing across the country to locate wrongfully-sited fuel and gas stations. He went with a team, the team spent days working, they definitely went in state vehicles, on state fuel, on state expenses in terms of accommodation and all and possibly state honorarium and finally when they arrived in Accra, after how much they spent which is yet to be known, we are told some few people impressed on a Minister of State to STOP doing what was right. In a state where law is really looked at with close lenses, maybe we should be visiting the law on causing financial loss to the state. Hon. Ayariga, a fine lawyer at that. Do you think you spent our money right?
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Not Deserving a Position Hon Ayariga, we like your confessions but what you did not add is how you feeling seeing what is happening as you watched TV and saw those CHARRED BODIES. How you felt and still feel when you saw how billows rising to unassumable levels were. How you feeling now knowing you COULD HAVE STOPPED THIS even if in your little way. Did we bring you in to listen to the few to the detriment of the masses? Today if there is anything you have to do after your confessions to Ghanaians, ask God not to hold you accountable for the opportunity He granted you to correct a wrong and for which your account is “GOD I WAS PRESSURED TO STOP.” To everyone in whatever position you holding now; BEWARE. You may do all that you want to do but there is ONE  we all cannot escape. A TIME WILL COME. Kwame Apau  The Writer is a Journalist and Lecturer Ag. Exec. Director PIPA  ]]>