Avram Grant hails Partey’s talent

Former Premier League manager Avram Grant has said Thomas Partey has a great talent with the right mentality which has made him a better player.

Grant, who gave new Arsenal signing Thomas Partey his first international cap in 2017, is impressed with how he has improved in all areas of his game.

“When you have the talent and the right mentality and the coach gives you the chance to play, you will improve. He has the talent for sure and the right mentality and also he likes to learn.

“He has improved in all areas of the game. First on the understanding of the game, position; where to be, which is more important,” he told 3Sports in an interview.

The former Chelsea FC boss stressed that due to the tactical variations in football, players have to be versatile and productive and Partey had that even before his move to Arsenal in the Premier League.

“Today, many coaches understand tactics but not many understand what it really means; when to be in the right position, when to be move forward, when to move back, which is more crucial because the game is more quickly and physical and he improving lot means not giving the ball away and also the physical side, so he has improved in all aspects of the game.

“In the beginning, he didn’t score more goals now he is scoring more goals and giving more assists, he is like a modern player. Football is going to change, it needs players who are more versatile, players who can do many things on the pitch and he is one of them,” he added.

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By Francis Hema|3news.com|Ghana