Avoid politics of insult & character assassination -CPP

The Convention Peoples Party – CPP has cautioned political parties against the “politics of insults and character assassination” which the party says is “fast and deeply eating into our body politic today.

In a statement signed by the chairman and leader of the CPP, Edmund Delle, it said in part that “these days, it does not matter one’s social standing; it does not matter the issue at stake; somehow, all our public debates degenerate into insults, invectives, insinuations and name-calling.

“I strongly oppose this current phenomenon which has led to gross indiscipline among our youth and adults.” 

It went on further to state that “as a party, we have put in place measures to educate our members to eschew politics of insults and we call on all other parties to do same. The CPP has always upheld discipline and comradeship.

“I entreat all political party communicators to execute their analysis and debates on both radio and television, devoid of insult and character assassination.”

With barely a year to go for the 2016 elections there are fears the media space would be inundated with political activities but some political watchers are cautioning against the insults and denigration which sometimes mars the political landscape.

“The CPP is determined to change the status-quo and help eliminate what has now become a competition among party communicators: the competition that rewards those that insult best. Surely, our country deserves better than this. Our country must work again” the statement concluded. 

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey|3news.com|Ghana

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