Auditions for 2021 talented kidz begins on Jan. 18

Talented Kidz is a platform created to develop children with various talents. Over the years, we have had participants of the show making great impact and contribution to society after the show. One of them is DJ Switch, the winner of season eight who is now a global star and made it onto the list of 50 Global Influential Women changing the world”. Mr. Doku also mentioned Season 10 winner, Nakeeyat Abdul Dramani Sam who is currently a Sanitation Ambassador for the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources as well as season one’s Awal Mohammed who is now one of the nation’s most gifted rappers. If your child is talented, make sure he or she is at the designated venues on the advertised dates for auditions between 8am and 5pm. Talented kidz, free to play!

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