Auction of container at Tema Port: Bawumia is innocent – Zosimli Naa


The Zosimli Naa of Dagbon, Zosimli Naa Ife Bell Tipagya II, has debunked claims by the Northern Regional secretariat of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) that Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia superintended over the auction of a $400,000 worth of medical equipment meant for hospitals in the Tamale metropolis to party boys by officials at the .

He urged the people of Northern Ghana to channel their energies into productive ventures and stop over politicization of developmental issues.

Reacting to the public discussions on the issues surrounding the auctioning of the 40-footer container worth of medical equipment, the Zosimli Naa described some of the comments as political misconception.

“I want to stress that our dedication to the of the remains stronger than ever. Let us not be swayed by rumors or disheartened by setbacks.”

“In light of recent developments concerning the 40-footer medical container, I am addressing potential misconceptions that may have surfaced.

“It is indeed a fact that the container allocated for the Northern Region community has been auctioned by the Ghana Port authorities, a situation that has understandably caused great sorrow and disappointment. However, I want to stress that our dedication to the development of the Northern Region remains stronger than ever. Let us not be swayed by rumors or disheartened by setbacks.”

She stressed her mission and support for the North is unwavering, characterized by integrity, resilience, progress, and nonpartisan collaboration.

“It's important to recognize that misunderstandings and challenges are part and parcel of any endeavour. What truly defines us is our steadfast determination to make a positive impact on our community. This will continue to be our focus.

“Now is the moment to redirect our energies towards the work that lies ahead, accelerating development in the Northern Region of Ghana for the sustainable benefit of all. Our collaborative efforts possess the potential to transform lives and foster lasting change. Let's realign with our collective mission and continue working hand in hand to uplift the Northern Region.”

The Zosimli Naa stressed that her visit to the Vice President's office was never on the container issue.

“It's important to note that the primary purpose of this visit was not centered around the container issue. Our office, in collaboration with the Regional , had already initiated engagements with various stakeholders regarding the container matter prior to this visit.

“It's crucial to remember that the challenges at the port are not a novel occurrence, and they should not dominate our focus, as there are numerous other avenues that our office, in collaboration with our partner stakeholders, will leverage for success. I appeal to His Royal Majesty the Yaa-Naa, , opinion leaders, civic leaders, religious leaders, community leaders, well-meaning citizens of Ghana and the diaspora community to channel this energy towards positive constructive change and refrain from politicizing our development efforts”


Since the late 1970s, Tamale metropolis has benefited from a sister-city with Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America.

The Sister City partnership, which is an initiative of the United States Department of state, had led to fruitful and longstanding partnership between Tamale Metropolis and Louisville with more than 40 years tenure leading to the enskinment of late Dr. Susana Herlin Zosimli Naa by the Gulkpe Naa of Tamale in 2006.

This relationship has resulted in the Tamale metropolis benefiting a lot of support in the area of , and human resource empowerment.

As a way of strengthening the relationship, the Zosimli Naa as part of her usual support to health facilities in the Tamale metropolis, in July last year, facilitated the shipment of a 40-footer container of medical equipment including dialysis machines, oxygen tanks, and incubators worth $400,000 from the United States of America meant for the Tamale Teaching and other hospitals in the Tamale metropolis.

The medical equipment arrived at the Tema Port two months after the shipment in September.

However, challenges in clearing the equipment delayed its release at the port.

In June this year after some eight to nine months, the container was auctioned by officials at the Tema port.

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