AU must suspend South Africa over xenophobic attacks – Dr. Antwi-Danso

International relations expert, Dr. Vladmir Antwi-Danso, is demanding the African Union (AU) suspends South Africa from the continental body over renewed xenophobic attacks in that country. At least five people have been killed and almost 300 people arrested in the fresh violent attacks on foreign nationals in South Africa. Shops owned by foreigners have been looted and properties destroyed in the attacks. Nigeria this week withdrew its vice president Yemi Osinbajo from the World Economic Forum gathering in Cape Town, and recalled its high commissioner to South Africa. Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Malawi’s Peter Mutharika also pulled out of the Forum. Some angry Nigerians reacted to the situation with retaliatory attacks on shops owned by South Africans in Lagos and Ibadan, forcing telecom giant MTN and mega retail shop, Shoprite to close their shops in Nigeria. Ghana announced Friday that three of its nationals have been injured in the attack and five others arrested over resident permit issues. AU’s silence ‘worrying’ Commenting on the developments in South Africa on the Key Point, a news analysis show on TV3, Dr Antwi-Danso said the silence of the AU on such a serious matter is worrying. In his view, the AU must take action against South Africa immediately, stating “the AU must also be forthcoming”. “We should see the AU’s anger,” added, stating the continental body should “be able to suspend South Africa if it be possible”. He argued that if suspending South Africa from the body “will bring a solution,” then the AU must go ahead.

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Security threats Dr Antwi-Danso noted leadership of the various African countries should be able to force the AU to speak up. Failure to do so, he said, may cause serious intra-Africa security issues. He cited the instances in Nigeria where South African owned companies were also attacked, stating, the situation could lead to other African countries joining in the attacks, something he noted will cost Africa. “This is going to bring serious intra-Africa problems. It is a serious African problem that is why I think the AU must sit up. We must have a hold on the problems of Africa,” Dr Antwi-Danso underscored. He has meanwhile called on the South African government to take charge of situation and ensure persons involved in the attack are dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others. By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana]]>