Atta Mills’ brother, Dr Cadman, installed Ebusuapanyin

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Brother of late President Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, Dr Cadman Mills, has been enstooled as the family head of the Nkuma Kyereba Twidan family of Cape Coast.

That family is the maternal family of the late Prof Atta Mills.

Dr Cadman Mills, an experienced economist who worked as Presidential Advisor in the previous government, was installed the Ebusuapanyin on Friday, July 22 in Cape Coast.

He expressed joy and appreciation to the family for making him the head, observing that the late president would have been his subject if he were alive.

He, therefore, asked that all events surrounding his brother must require his express permission.

“If Atta Mills is my brother, same father, same mother and if I am Ebusuapanyin by right in Nkuma Kyereba Twidan in Cape Coast, then Atta Mills cannot be a member of any family other than the Cape Coast Twidan family.

“In fact, if he were alive today, he would be my subject and therefore I will protect, defend all my subjects including the mortal remains of Atta Mills. Nobody dares do anything without my permission to begin with.”

On Sunday, July 24, a 10th anniversary remembrance on the death of the third president of the Fourth Republic is scheduled to be held at the refurbished Asomdwee Park, where his mortal remains lie.

Dr Cadaman Mills expressed concern that no family member was consulted when renovation works at the Asomdwee Park were to be carried out and, so far, no member of the family, as far as he is concerned, has been officially invited for Sunday’s ceremony.

He, therefore, directed that no family member will attend any ceremony though they have the right to be there at anytime to also honour their late brother and son.

The late Prof Atta Mills died on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at the 37 Military Hospital.


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