Atebubu NPP justifies attack on school feeding caterers

The Atebubu Constituency of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has justified why party vigilante group ‘Invisible Forces’ attacked caterers, pupils and teachers of Atecoe Demonstration Basic School in Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The attack last Monday was said to stop the School from cooking under the School Feeding Programme.

The party claims their government is in power so it decided to stop the cook, who is a known National Democratic Congress (NDC) member, from cooking, for an NPP member to take over since they [NPP members] have suffered and they must enjoy.

There was drama and confusion on Monday when teachers and pupils of the school had to run for their lives when angry and heavily built young men stormed the school premises to attack caterers of the School Feeding Programme.

The young men did not only succeed in overturning tables and pouring the prepared food to the ground, they also destroyed cooking utensils belonging to the caterers.

Report says there were over 300 pupils getting ready to be served with beans and gari when the unfortunate incident happened.

The situation left the pupils helpless and for the caterers with no option than to take cover from the marauding young men.

Explaining why the Invincible Forces embarked on such actions, the Atebubu NPP Constituency Organizer, Musa Shaibu, told Onua FM’s Ghana Dadwene that they were there when a known NDC man came from Sunyani that he is the coordinator and that he has contract with the government to cook for the school.

He said misunderstanding ensued and so the matter was reported to the District Assembly for amicable solution.

Musa Shaibu added that the District Security Council (DISEC) requested the coordinator to submit to it the documents covering the contract with the government for onward continuation of the cooking for the school.

The NPP Organizer told Ghana Dadwne host Nana Yaw Opare that “he said he was going to bring the contract so the Assembly told him to stop cooking and bring the contract before he can start”.

He explained that “if they have said you should stop and you go ahead to cook for the children, what should we do?”

Musa said the coordinator could not “show us any agreement paper and we help the party to come to power so we must eat”.

He said the NDC sacked and beat them from various government agencies when they [NDC] came to power so they must also go for NPP members to take over.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana

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