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Assembly Member gets one year suspension for misconduct

Oscar Riches allegedly slapped the Deputy Regional Coordinating Director of the KMA

The Assembly member for Asokwa Newtown, Oscar Riches has been handed a one year suspension from the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) for misconduct.

Oscar, popularly referred to as Ghana Beyeyie, was accused of assaulting the deputy regional coordinating director of the KMA, Abdul Kareem Abdellah Adam, on Wednesday, November 23, 2017.

The incident occurred during a Finance and Administration Sub-Committee meeting of the Assembly. Mr. Abdellah Adam was said to have told the meeting that he could not produce certain documents requested because they were with his boss who was out of the office at the time with the Chief Executive Officer.

Oscar, who was upset by the response, allegedly slapped Mr. Adam during a confrontation over the issue.

Members of the Assembly say Oscar failed to show remorse for his misconduct, prompting a vote to suspend him on Thursday.

At the last General Assembly meeting of the KMA for 2017, the presiding member put before members recommendations made by the complaints committee on the misconduct of Oscar.

Fifty-three members of the Assembly members consequently voted for him to be suspended for a one year while 37 voted for a three month suspension, with four voting for six months.

Accordingly, Oscar who is an aspiring regional organizer of the New Patriotic Party, was suspended for a year.

In the case of Mr. Adam the complaints committee also recommended that he is suspended for two weeks for uttering unpleasant remarks against Oscar Riches and to the entire assembly members of KMA.

But the deputy coordinator was pardoned after he apologized to the Aseembly.

Meanwhile, the Assembly is yet to notify the overlord of Asokwa, Nana Fi Baamoah II of Oscar’s suspension.

Presiding member of KMA, Abraham Boadi, condemned the action of the suspended assembly member.

Mr. Boadi also advised technocrats to respect assembly members irrespective of their educational background.

By Ibrahim Abubakar & Antwi Boasiako|3news.com|Ghana

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