Ashaiman: Woman flushes baby in WC


Residents of Ashaiman Lebanon in the Ashaiman Municipality of the Greater Accra Region were saddened when news broke of about a six-hour born baby who was flushed in a water closet by the mother.

Gladys Darkoa, popularly called Ataa, decided to get rid of her baby.

According to the host of Asetenapa on Connect FM, Monica Dede Odonkor, who talked to a family member who pleaded anonymity, the woman was employed as a house girl a few months ago.

However, her mistress detected she was pregnant.

Gladys Darkoa had denied she was pregnant but at 12:00 am on Tuesday, a neighbour heard a baby’s cry and traced it to the toilet.

Upon entering, he found the baby in the water closet as the supposed pregnant woman tried to flush it out though unsuccessfully.

Quickly when Darkoa was examined, drops of blood were found on her, indicating she gave birth to the baby and upon interrogation she admitted to the act.

Though the baby was rushed to a nearby hospital but it was not able to survive.

By Monica Dede Odonkor|Connect FM||Ghana

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