Arsonists target Appiah Stadium’s house

A car surrounded by fires in the house

The house of a well-known serial caller, Appiah Stadium, came under serious attack Sunday evening as assailants tried to burn down his house in the Ashanti region.

Some unknown persons allegedly bombarded the house with petrol bombs with occupants indoors.

A video seen by shows some burning objects on the compound of a house purported to be that belonging to Appiah Stadium of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

We are unable to currently confirm if a car that was parked close to balls of fire was even affected or the house later went up in flames.

But a voice tape made available to by police sources had a person, supposed to be Appiah, complaining bitterly about the development which he claimed were orchestrated by his political opponents.

The disenchanted voice claimed a member of the governing New Patriotic Party met him at the Asantehene’s mother’s funeral over the weekend who threatened him that he will not live to see 2018.

He remarked that if it is his way of politics that the people distaste, even if he is killed, his ghost will continue to taunt them.

Later in an interview with TV3, Appiah Stadium accused a member of the NPP’s vigilante group, Invisible Forces, of leading the attack on his household.

Source | Ghana

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