Apple admits that there’s a major problem with the iPhone

People who forked out £999 for a flagship iPhone could end up being very disappointed (Caption: Credit: Getty Images/Apple)[/caption] In 2017, The iPhone X was hailed as the most revolutionary device Apple had released in almost a decade. But it turns out that the flagship phone released has a very big problem. Apple has issued a rare warning on its official website which tells customers that their £999 iPhone X could be doomed to a grim fate. In a statement, Apple said the glitch could cause the glossy display fitted to the X to fail. It wrote: ‘Apple has determined that some iPhone X displays may experience touch issues due to a component that might fail on the display module.’ The issue could cause part of the display to stop responding, or make it work ‘intermittently’. Conversely, the screen may also react ‘even though it was not touched’. If your phone is affected, Apple will replace the display free of charge. It promised to fix any X within three years of its purchase. However, you need to make sure your X is in peak condition before you take it in for repair because Apple won’t repair the device unless it is free from other problems such as a smashed screen. Apple wrote: ‘If your iPhone X has any damage which impairs the ability to complete the repair, such as a cracked screen, that issue will need to be resolved prior to the service. ‘In some cases, there may be a cost associated with the additional repair.’]]>

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