Appiatse Disaster Relief C’tee to bear funeral costs of victims

Prestea Huni Valley Municipal Coordinator of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) Francis Abeku Yankah has revealed that all expenses that will be incurred with the burial of persons who died as a result of the explosion at Appiatse will be borne by the Appiatse Disaster Relief Committee.

Mr. Abeku Yankah assured that the Appiatse Funeral Committee, a Sub-Committee under the Appiatse Disaster Relief Committee, will be charged with the responsibility of working together with families who have lost relatives to organize a befitting funeral service for them.

The Welfare Sub-Committee of the Appiatse Disaster Relief Committee has completed the identification of persons reported to have died as a result of the explosion at Appiatse.

In all, 13 bodies were identified.

Speaking on the Tuesday, February 8 edition of Connect FM’s morning show Omanbapa, Mr Abeku Yankah explained that the Assembly will be engaging the services of a pathologist to determine whether those who have been identified indeed died as a result of the explosion.

He noted: “We are employing the services of a pathologist to clear any doubts, so that all the necessary compensation could be given, maybe the dead left behind a family especially children. So, it is important that we get the right data to work with”.

“…after the work of the pathologist, the Funeral Committee will help the bereaved families bury their dead relatives. They will get coffin, canopies, drinks as well as other necessary support to help give a befitting burial. We are open to how the families want their dead relative buried. It could be a mass burial or individually done.”

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He indicated that some families are still calling to inquire about their relatives even after the identification has been completed.

“Some of the victims are still in the various hospitals. So we have directed persons who have still not heard of their relation to go check whether they are among those at the hospital.”

By Eric Yaw Adjei|Connect FM||Ghana