Anti-corruption campaigners divided over GHC50K donation to Police

IGP Asante-Apeatu [/caption] Anti-corruption campaigners are divided over the controversial donation by a Chinese company to the Ghana police service. The Police Service has come under serious criticism from some Ghanaians after it received a GHC50,000 from Chinese company, CAITEC. The money is to support the construction of the Nima office of the Police Intelligence and Professional standards. But while some have questioned the donation on grounds that it would influence the Police to soften its work at clamping down on illegal small scale miners, others have disagreed. Programmes Officer at the Ghana Integrity Initiative, Mary Addah, told 3FM Wdensday that it is too early to draw any conclusions on the matter. She said once there is no evidence that the company gives out their heavy duty equipment for illegal mining, it will be unfair to conclude that the donation was intended to induce the Police Service in its fight against illegal mining, especially those that involve the Chinese. “Do we have evidence that the company has sold excavators to illegal miners in Ghana? We are very careful not to make general conclusions that this could be a motivating factor …we need to be careful in coming to that general conclusion…but the caution is, they should not to get influenced with the little money because that is what usually bribes do,” she said. However, former executive director at the Ghana integrity initiative Vitus Azeem believes the gesture is likely to influence the Police for which reason the money ought to be returned. He said the core function of the company is to supply equipment for mining which are also used by illegal miners and thus puts the company in a conflict of interest situation. “There is general perception that it could happen. Did the Police put out a public request for support? what is the persons interest in the work of the Police for him or her to come and donate so much money to the Police… if these questions are not properly answered, you can suspect that even though the police may not know,the aim could be to one day influence them in the way they deal with their people [Chinese] who are engaged in galamsey in Ghana,” he argued He further suggested the police returns the donation. “…this is not the first time and my stand has not changed. They should give back the money,” he advised. Meanwhile the Police Service has strongly defended the gesture, saying it won’t compromise its stance in the fight against illegal mining.

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