Anomabo residents get free health screening from Jemima Noonoo Foundation

A Chicago-based Philanthropist, Eunice Cromwell, has officially launched her foundation upon providing free health screening and medication to scores of residents of Anomabo in the Central Region of Ghana. The Jemimah Noonoo Foundation provided free health screening and medication to over 500 people of Anomabo and its environs on Saturday, December 28, 2019 at the Anomobo Hospital. The services offered included preventative screening and treatment for hypertension, diabetes, malaria, and acute infections among others. Referrals were also given and a follow-up programme was instituted in collaboration with the hospital to ensure quality evidence-based care for the patients. The non-governmental organisation will also seize the opportunity to make donations to the Methodist Primary School and the Methodist Church as part of its Ghana2020 initiative and ‘Bearing Gifts’ campaign. The Jemimah Noonoo Foundation is an NGO based in the United States of America with the mission of empowerment through education, and striving to obtain economic, social, physical, and spiritual security for the families of Anomabo, thereby encouraging the development of self-sustaining communities throughout Ghana. The Foundation will be undertaking a number of projects, along with other local organizations within the next year to improve education and healthcare. In her address to the community, CEO Eunice Cromwell said: “The Jemimah Noonoo Foundation calls upon members of the Anomabo community to collaborate with us in this endeavour towards building a better society for all of us. “As we pursue this engagement, this foundation will provide responsible stewardship of our human, physical, and financial resources in order to make a positive impact on those we serve”.

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