Ankaful staff demand removal of hospital director

Some members of staff of the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital in the Central Region are demanding the removal of Hospital Director Dr Eugene Dordoye.

The Concerned Staff have, therefore, petitioned the Minister of Health through the Mental Health Authority to take immediate steps to relieve Dr Dordoye of his post.

The petition intercepted by says since Dr Dordoye was appointed two years ago, “he has embarrassed staff countlessly”.

“He has ruined the therapeutic relationship that has existed since the inauguration of this hospital.

“Staff have complained several times about his poor relationship as well the disrespect for staff but he is unconcerned.

“Staff have petitioned the Mental Health Authority severally about the development but nothing has been done about it.”

They also accused the wife of Dr Dordoye of using official vehicles to run private errands.

“The Director’s wife who is not a staff of the hospital was seen on so many occasions driving the hospital pick-up to run her personal business.”

They also cited the Hospital Director of purchasing three television sets for a total of GH¢20,880, a figure they find too astronomical.

One of the staggering accusations is that “Doctor Dordoye is still keeping and raising a baby born by a patient whose relatives are unknown in a Psychiatric Ward and refused to release the baby to the social welfare after they have made several attempt and this has led to the Regional social welfare officer threatening to sue the hospital”.

They also claim Dr Dordoye is colluding with the hospital administrator, the Accountant and the Human Resource Manager in defying the staff to deduct hospital welfare contributions from Controller and Accountant General Department.

“Based on the above issues, we call for the removal of Doctor Eugene Dordoye as Hospital Director and from Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital.”

Copies of the petition have been sent to the Central Region Minister, MCE for KEEA and Psychiatric Nurses Group.


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