Anita Erskine & Giovani 'pair' for 3FM Drive April fooooool…

News of on-air goddess Anita Erskine joining the Media General family to pair with Giovani Caleb as co-host of 3FM Drive beginning April 1 was hailed by radio lovers but their joy was short-lived when it was revealed the announcement was a prank

While Ghanaians engaged each other in the April fool frenzy on Monday, little did they know that the big announcement which grabbed entertainment headlines last week, was the Accra-based radio station’s way of pulling an April fool prank. A lot of people fell for the April fool prank, especially when Anita showed up at the studio of 3FM to host the show Monday. And the show was not only lit as always but also topped the trends on Twitter in Accra. It was until the end of the day’s show when the ‘pair’ announced the ‘re-union’ was just designed as an April fool prank. “In five, 4,3,2, 1, April fooooooool…..” the duo announced. “But hey it was a lovely prank; nobody got hurt and nobody died. And hopefully everybody had fun,” Anita told For Giovani, “it was simply fun!” Well, though Anita is not joining Media General, she’s out with a new lifestyle programme on TV3; a show that is set to keep you glued to your television set on Saturdays at 4:30pm. Dubbed the ‘Making of a Mogul’, the documentary series will take Ghanaians into the lives of African-born entrepreneurs whose personal visions led them to create thriving businesses on the global market. By|Ghana]]>

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