Angry drivers storm 3FM over ‘incessant’ fuel increments

Leadership of the drivers

Some angry okada (commercial motor riders) and commercial drivers besieged the premises of 3FM Wednesday over the recent increase in fuel prices.

Their action was ostensibly fueled by the projection of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers-Ghana (COPEG) over impending increases in fuel prices if government does not intervene.

The price of diesel has increased by 1.63 per cent at the pump whereas that of petrol has decreased by 1.13 per cent, the Chamber observed.

This would be the third time fuel prices have been hiked this year.

The Chamber, in a statement, said the rising cost of fuel prices in the country has a direct impact on general cost of living, and by extension inflation, and must be curtailed immediately.

The concerned drivers therefore thronged the premises of Media General to ensure they get the needed attention, brandishing placards with inscriptions such as, “Reduce fuel price now” ” Nana red card” .

They were clad in red scarfs and armbands on motorbikes and two Splinter buses when they stormed the premises.

The leader of the group, David Agboado accused the leadership of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) of being in bed with the government.

A section of the drivers at the premises of Media General

Some of the protesters felt shortchanged by the government. One told TV3 “we have been deceived” by the government, saying while in opposition government officials promised to stabilize if not reduce the increasing fuel prices.

Rather, “prices get increased every day under this government” one claimed, stating that they would not buy government’s explanation that the increments are due to external factors.

“We work tirelessly and instead of the money to come to our pockets for us to be able to have manageable lives. We rather working and all our profits go to the government. Meanwhile we are asked not to increase fares.

“When we look at the fuel price, we can say  49% of it is taxes. During the electioneering campaign what made us vote for this government is that they promised to take off all the taxes and reduce the fuel price for us when the fuel was sold GHC14 and the crude at the world market was $55 per barrel. Now that the crude price at the world market is $50, why then should we buy fuel more than GHC22?” the drivers said in an earlier statement issued on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Duncan Amoah, Executive Secretary of COPEC-Ghana has appealed to the aggrieved drivers to exercise restraint as stakeholders dialogue with the government.

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