[email protected]: Angolan Airlines to soon commence commercial flights to Ghana

Angolan Airlines will soon commence commercial flights to Ghana as part of efforts to increase the bilateral business relations between both nations.

Ghana and Angola have had mutual partnerships even before the latter gained independence in 1975.

The relationship between the two countries cuts across multiple sectors with Angola giving indication of intensifying the bond of the two nations.

These were revealed by Angola’s Ambassador to Ghana, Joao Batista Domingos to mark the country’s 47th Independence anniversary in Accra. He said “we have made efforts to start flights by Angolan Airlines to Ghana, we have cocoas farmers from Ghana assisting Angolan farmers in the production of cocoa and an exchange program in education is being set up.”

Acknowledging the role Ghana played in Angola’s struggle for independence he said “Ghana gave its political and financial support during the period when we truly needed it.

“Many young Angolans came in the fifties and sixties to study and work in Ghana, as Ghana was the hope for every African” calling her “Africa’s rising star”.

Former relations were established after Angola’s independence starting with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement within the framework of the Permanent Joint Commission signed in Accra in February 1981.

Bilateral Commissions have met on various occasions to discuss issues pertinent to both. Ambassador Joao Batista Gonzalo, further noted that his country is looking to improve “cooperation in the area of mineral and petroleum resources, transportation, agriculture and the training of foreign languages, which is why we must make efforts to reach agreements and partnerships.”

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The strong relations between Ghana and Angola led to the naming of a prime street in Accra after the first Angolan President, Agostinho Neto with a similar gesture in Angola where a street is named after Ghana’s first president Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey/3news.com


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