Anger over Sagnarigu DCE appointment; items destroyed

Some irate youth in the Sagnarigu district in the Northern region are on rampage, protesting the appointment of Mariama Iddrisu as the District Chief Executive. There have been pockets of violent protest against some names nominated for metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives in some parts of the country. The president today released a list of 212 persons for the various assemblies across the country. Click for the full list Even before the names were released, there were signs and silent agitations over certain names. On Tuesday for instance, some youth in Zebilla vandalised the New Patriotic Party constituency office there and destroyed property at the District Assembly because their favourite was not nominated. Today, Wednesday, the youth of Sagnarigu took their grievance to the party office and destroyed things. They burnt used lorry and motor bikes tyres at the roundabout of the Tamale Sports Stadium as part of the protest Led by a local youth chief of the area, the youth also burnt waste bins in front of the District Assembly Officials of the Assembly refused to comment on the issue saying that only the Coordinating Director is mandated to speak to the matter. All workers of the Assembly left post at the time went there. Meanwhile, speaking to at the Tamale Sports Stadium, leader of the NPP youth in the area, Adam Musah Zaaki said categorically that they would not recognise Maiama Iddrisu and would therefore not cooperate with her if the President do not revoke her appointment He threatened that the youth would be compelled to burn the new office of the Assembly if she is confirmed as the District Chief Executive A member of the youth, Yakubu Abubakari added that the youth worked tirelessly get the party into power and President  Akufo-Addo as well. He said presidency is not by inheritance and repeated their threat to burn the office of the Assembly if the nomination is not revoked They however did not tell who they want to be the next DCE. _____________________________________________________________

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Read also: Zebilla: Rampaging NPP youth vandalise party office, Dist. Ass. ____________________________________________________________ By Zakaria Abdul-Kadiri | | Ghana]]>