Angels’ Ridge shows no mercy to Agyiri Nyarko Sharks Quiz 5 competition

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Agyiri Nyarko received a baptism of fire at the hands of Angels’ Ridge in their first ever JuniorSharks contest of the Sharks Quiz 5 competition.

Angels’ Ridge’s merciless treatment of the Ashaiman-Lebanon based school contrasted sharply with the compassion angels are thought to possess.

Follow the round-by-round chronicling of the action as it happened in the second contest of Episode 4 of Junior Sharks Season 5.

Round 1

Agyiri Nyarko started the round with their set of questions and picked two out of a possible eight questions.

A shaky round for both schools summarizes the Round as the angels equally fluttered unsteady, only able to do one better than Agyiri Nyarko.

Round 2

When Kofi Boateng of Angels’ Ridge correctly spelt three difficult words, his credential coming into the competition as a Spelling B champion was confirmed to all.

The rest of the set of questions also went in the favour of Angels’ Ridge as Elikem and Joseph picked up a major Maths based question plus a bonus respectively to end the Round with a twenty (20) points gap.

Round 3- STEM Round

If Agyiri Nyarko were to stay in the competition, they needed to quintuple or sextuple their efforts, and they indeed showed a willingness to fight and conquer the ‘angels’ from Lashibi, Accra.

 Particularly impressed as she buzzed correctly for her school, but her efforts was not enough to ground the soaring ascent of Angels’ Ridge.

Round 4

Except for Kofi Boateng and Kendra, geeks in English and Science respectively for Angels’ Ridge who picked twenty(20) points for their school, there was nothing noteworthy in the last Round.

Elikem and Quiz master Noble Crosby Annan, however, provided some needed side entertainment to the stressed audience.

The two engaged each other in a light hearted banter as the umpire sought clarification on answer given by Elikem to last question in General Knowledge.

Below are the rest of the specialists:

Abor Joseph and Gladys for Angels’ Ridge and Agyiri Nyarko respectively in the Math segment.

Otuo Eunice for Agyiri Nyarko and Kendra in the Science Round and lastly Chryslyn for Agyiri Nyarko and Elikem for Angels’.

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