…and power outage couldn’t stop Kobina Ansah’s ‘Once Upon A Riddle’

'Once Upon A Riddle' showed at the National Theatre

Last Saturday witnessed one of the most spectacular stories ever told on stage at the National Theatre.

Despite an unfortunate incident of over a two-hour power outage that nearly marred Kobina Ansah’s most talked about play, ONCE UPON A RIDDLE, the musical happened successfully with hundreds of theatre lovers in attendance.

ONCE UPON A RIDDLE tells the tale of a Ghanaian superstar who was diagnosed of terminal lung cancer on his birthday.

Having just 6 months to live, he meets a mysterious man who promises to give him extra life only if he could answer a riddle.

Patrons were thrilled by original songs written by Kobina Ansah while being held spellbound by a riddle that many of them were trying to answer.

Some had to stay in the dark and wait for power to be restored to quench their thirst of suspense.

According to Kobina Ansah, the 13-cast member of his original musical rehearsed for 3 months.

Speaking on what it takes to continue running such events, the playwright recounted, “It takes a lot to pull off a play like this. A lot of work goes on in the background. We don’t have support systems to ease our efforts. We are doing what we can with the little we have.”

Kobina Ansah and his team are planning a rerun of the play.

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