Anas has only scratched surface of judicial corruption – Fmr. Dir, Ghana Sch of Law

Tuesday, 15 September 2015 11:09

A former director of the Ghana School of Law, Kweku Ansah Asare says corruption “is much more deep rooted than what Anas has done…” adding that he has only “scratched the surface.”

Speaking on the investigative expose by Anas Aremeyaw Anas, the law lecturer said that he was not shocked by what the journalist had done indicating that “there’s been several times that I have written to Chief Justices about the nature of corruption in the judiciary.

“What Anas has done is just a tip of the iceberg. There are two types of corrupt practices in the judiciary. There is the corruption within the judiciary and then we have corruption arising from external influences.

“Corruption within the judiciary is the worst form of corruption. This is where one judge would approach another judge who is handling a case in which the judge making the approach or overture has an interest. That one would never come to the fore because it is one judge and another judge.

“There is also the corruption by which judicial officers are used as conduits to interfere with the process of administration of justice. We also have the corruption where a lawyer can see a judge presiding over a case to express interest.

“Then we know that there are some judges who have appointed agents who scout for people who are willing, they sample the litigating public and see who amongst them would be willing to give something. These are all forms of corruption within the judiciary that haven’t come to the fore because it is intra (within).”

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Mr. Ansah Asare who has been practicing for well over 20 years was speaking to TV3’s Thomas Addotei Pappoe and added that the type that Anas has exposed is another type of the corrupt practices which is known.

“If we want to tackle this issue we must tackle both… My take is that Anas has been able to scratch the surface of the problem but it is much more deep rooted or deep seated than we think.”

Some 22 judges have been suspended following the expose which has drawn the judiciary into public criticism.

The deadline for the judges to present their written responses elapsed on Monday September 14 after which a 5 member panel, set up to look into the expose and the responses would present a report for a final decision on the matter.

14 of the judges have filed a petition to prevent the public showing of the corrupt allegations but Anas and his team have set September 22 & 23 for the public showing.

One of the judges caught on tape receiving GHC 11,000 and a goat in the investigative piece, Uuta Peter Dery has sued Anas in his personal capacity indicating that the journalist had invaded his privacy.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana
Twitter: @NewsyMartin



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