Anaesthetists suspend strike

Anaesthetists have suspended their strike effective today Thursday January 6.

The Certified Registered Anaesthetists (CRAs) had earlier said they could not provide anaesthesia services across the country
effective 1st January, 2022.

A statement issued on Friday December 31 said this was because members did not hold license to practice.

The Ghana Association of Certified Registered Anaesthetists (GACRA) said they had not received any response to the requests in its letter dated 4th Dec, 2021.

“The GACRA submitted another letter in relation to the above subject matter on the 20th of December, 2021,
with a directive from the National Labour Commission (NLC) in letter dated the same day and also a directive from the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations (MELR), have all not received any attention.INABILITY-TO-PROVIDE-ANAE.-SERVICEDownload

“The inability of the CRAs to provide anaesthesia services is indefinite until a determination is made by the Ministry of Health.”

But the National Public Relations Officer of the group, Seth McAndoh told journalists on Thursday January 6 that after extensive engagement’ with Health Ministry they have decided to suspend the action.

“So we have suspended the strike and all our members are going back to work due to the fact that we have had extensive engagement with all the stakeholders including the Ministry of Health, Christian Health Association of Ghana, Medical and Dental Council, the Ghana Health Service and all the other agencies, and per the agreement that we had, all the stakeholders are happy, and we are also happy.

“So we have suspended the strike, and we believe everything that has been agreed upon will be done,”

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he said.

By Laud Nartey||Ghana