Alleged ‘surgical negligence’: 8-year-old girl dies, Hospital responds Monday

The eight-year old girl who was bedridden with a gaping hole in her intestines as a result of an alleged surgical negligence has died.

Priscilla Pomaa died on March 10 at her home in Chiraa in the Brong Ahafo Region after enduring months of pains arising out of five unsuccessful surgeries performed on her by doctors at the Sunyani Regional Hospital.

She has since last Friday been buried by family members.

Before her death,the primary two pupil of the Chiraa Model Primary School lost weight significantly and became what was best described as a skeleton after aside the sleepless nights she endured due to pains.

Pomaa’s mother, Mary Adumaa confirmed the news of the death and told TV3 Online she has “given everything to God because it’s God who gives and takes”

Meanwhile, following TV3 Online’s reportage of March 7 of the alleged surgical negligence, the Hospital authorities have agreed to state the facts regarding the case on Monday.

Doctors at the Hospital who operated the primary two pupil last November of appendicitis, reportedly failed to properly stitch the young girl causing her stomach to swell.

The doctors were said to have used a tube to drain water that filled the swollen stomach after which they asked her parents to give her food; something that caused the stomach to be reddened and later developed into a sore causing the surgical stitches open

Four other surgeries that sought to correct what the mother of the girl claim were negligence on the part of the doctors failed, and the doctors are said to have declared they have “exhausted the level of their professional knowledge” on the girl’s condition.

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The once healthy-looking girl was then discharged from the Hospital to go home and battle for her life and after two months of what her mother described as anguish, little Pomaa died on the night of March 10.

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