Trial of 3 who allegedly gang-raped teenager starts Wednesday

Three suspects in an alleged gang rape of a teenager in Kumasi are expected to appear before a juvenile court on Wednesday. A jury of four will be hearing the case which has high public interest as a video on the rape session has gone viral on social media. The three suspects are among seven boys caught on a video forcibly having sex with a teenage girl in Bantama, a suburb of Kumasi. The police in the Ashanti region arrested them over the weekend as the mount search for the other suspects continues. On Tuesday, the three, in shared cuffs, were taken to the Asokwa district court. In the courtroom, the three sat on a bench in a calm and sober mood, intermittently catching a glimpse of members of the audience in the room. But there was no proceeding on their case. According to a member of the police prosecuting team, a jury needs to be constituted to trial the suspects. Parents of the boys are also expected to be part of the proceedings. The three were therefore sent back to police custody for the trial to open on Wednesday. Meanwhile, residents of Kumasi have expressed shock at the gang rape. They want the culprits to be punished irrespective of their age to serve as deterrent to others. Relatives of the suspects thronged the court premises on Tuesday to give them moral support. Read also: Three picked up over ‘gang-rape’ video Source: | Ghana]]>

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