All mining companies put on red alert following Appiatse explosion

The Minerals Commission has issued a red alert to all mining companies in Ghana.

This follows the deadly explosion last Thursday at Appiatse, a suburb of Bogoso in the Western Region.

About 14 persons have been confirmed dead with several others injured and receiving medical treatment at various health facilities in near-by towns.

Investigations have started into the incident with Maxam Ghana Limited, transporting the dynamite to Chirano mines, suspended.

The Chief Mining Inspector has also been interdicted pending conclusion of investigations.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, January 24, a Mine Inspector, Joseph Frimpong, who is also with the Minerals Commission, says all mining companies have been instructed to provide utmost care in the handling of explosives.

“At the moment as you might be aware, although our Chief Inspector of Mines is not there, our Deputy Chief Inspector of Mines is also there,” he remarked. “At the moment, we have made sure that he had made all companies to be on red alert, that is [on] extra vigilance when it comes to handling and transportation of explosives.”

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