Alfred Ocansey writes: The gala of Galamsey, prove me wrong 


Anas Aremeyaw Anas

What saddens me isn’t what Anas will reveal in his Galamsey documentary, but because LITTLE or NOTHING will be done after we see the rot and corruption.

Some PRETENCIOUS punitive action will be taken against people captured in the Galamsey exposè by Anas. This young man(Anas) will risk his life and the lives of his team members to expose all these ills, and the following will be the results;

1. Media will talk about it for maximum two weeks, get tired and stop, because we don’t have prosecutorial powers.

2. The powers that be, will pretend as though they are enforcing the power to deal with the wrongs… but we know people captured in his previous investigations who are walking free because we took our eyes off the ball.

3. The general public ( ordinary Ghanaians) will shout with disgust but give up when they realise there is no commitment by officialdom to HONESTLY deal with the issue.


I am typing and talking plenty because the MOST successful and thriving democracies are guided by VALUES.

Values such as ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY in its true sense, practically, not in words.

A value based democracy will survive every test, and it begins with leadership, and this I’m talking about both POLITICAL and PRIVATE sector leadership( this is why RWANDA will forever be the reference point).
Values, values, values.

If you appoint individuals into certain positions who don’t cherish the values that govern that position, they will always abuse it.

You know what, DEMOCRACY WILL ALWAYS GIVE THE VOTE TO THE MAJORITY, AND THAT’S WHY ACCOUNTABILITY IS SO IMPORTANT, because it’s the only way to check the power democracy gives to the political class.

I am hoping that something different will be done, that the narrative will change when we have to save our forests and our rivers.

Prosecute those found guilty. If this saying makes sense, let it sink in ” when the last tree dies, the last man dies. When the last river is polluted, the last man dies “. We don’t want to start importing water before we get SERIOUS about this..


By Alfred Ocansey|3news.com|Ghana

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