Alarming! Drug barons taking over NACOB – Security expert

Adam Bonah is a security expert[/caption] Security expert Adam Bonah has indicated there is a looming danger in the country as some drug cartels are working tirelessly to hijack Ghana’s Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) and use it as an illicit drugs hub. According to the security expert, the state security must act fast before the barons succeed in their scheme to use the NACOB as a transit point for the distribution of illicit drugs to other parts of the world. Speaking to Winston Amoah on 3FM’s Sunrise Friday, January 19, Mr. Bonah warned that the consequences will be dire if the barons succeed in their ploy. “If this place becomes a hub for onward transmission or distribution to other countries, what then happens is that part of it remains in the country and all of us will be finished,” he said. “I’m calling on the National Security, the BNI, the police, the Minister of Interior and the powers that be to probably set up a committee to see to it that the bad guys who are within NACOB are gotten out,” he added. As to when the “drug barons started paying their way” into NACOB, Mr. Bonah said they have been “there and trying” for a while now but he personally picked information “roughly two, three months ago”, noting the barons do not care which party is in power. Mr. Bonah, however, mentioned that, as a security expert, he has shared the intelligence gathered with the powers that be, and the feedback has been positive.

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