Akufo-Addo, officials berated for not wearing anniversary cloth

Bright Kwesi Asempa[/caption] The host of Onua FM morning show “Yen Nsem Pa”, Bright Kwesi Asempa is not happy about the apparel of President Nana Akufo-Addo at the Ghana’s 60th anniversary parade, and questioned if the President did not believe in the cloth he commissioned for the year-long celebrations. According to the morning show host, it was as if the President and his vice together with their spouses concerted not to wear the anniversary cloth, adding that no amount of justification will suffice. “The President was the one who inaugurated and sanctioned the anniversary cloth, so why on the day of the anniversary the president and some of his high ranking officials failed to wear the anniversary cloth. Is it a case of the President not believing in what he preaches or just a case of do as I say?” Bight Kwesi Asempa explained that his observation is not borne out of dislike for what the President wore on Ghana’s 60th birthday celebration, but rather thinks the President’s attire should have reflected the celebration when in fact huge sum of money have been sunk in the anniversary. “I was impressed and likewise many Ghanaians, when we all saw our two former presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Dramani Mahama beautifully robed in the Ghana @ 60 anniversary cloth. But what happened to the President, the Vice President, the Speaker of Parliament and their spouses, how?” Asempa asked in dismay.

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Another important person who was not in the anniversary cloth was the former leader of Ghana between 2001 and 2008 John Agyekum Kufuor. This, Bright Asempa said, has deepened his suspicion that the leading figures of the current administration have purposed not to appear in the anniversary cloth. “Speaking as a citizen and not a spectator, Asempa noted that if the President and his officials do not believe in what they are leading us to celebrate, then why commit huge resources in celebrating same? “Let us demonstrate what we preach, let us lead as we preach that is all I am saying. If the President knew he would not wear the anniversary cloth, why did he commission it to be used for our 60th anniversary at the first place? Do we still believe in the rest of the programs lined up for the yearlong celebrations?” If for nothing at all, how about the third in command, the Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Ocquaye, he was also not in the anniversary cloth and so were some of our members of parliament. So the question is, are our leaders not part of the anniversary, the seemingly livid morning show host asked.
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