Akua Donkor to ban weedicides if elected president

The leader and founder of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP), Madam Akua Donkor, has reiterated her commitment to enhance agriculture if voted into power as president come 2020.

In her quest to ensure that, she has pledged to ban the use of weedicides and pesticides in farming.

Madam Akua Donkor has also promised to provide and supply farmers with the requisite machinery to go the traditional way in farming instead of the use of weedicides.

She disclosed this in an interview with Onua FM and extensively touched on the adverse effects of weedicides in farming.

She said the use of weedicides in farming is the cause of the scarcity of mushroom, snails and other small farm animals in the country.

The weedicides, according to her, also exterminates termites, worms and other bacteria that aid and facilitate decomposition which naturally enrich the soil.

The ardent farmer, who aspires to rule the country, said if care is not taken, lands in the country will not be farmable anymore, making the future bleak as already water bodies are being destroyed.

Akua Donkor wants government to consider an immediate ban on the use of weedicides and other chemicals used in farming to help maintain the rich and endowed forest and farm lands the country is bestowed with.

She urged farmers in the country to revert to the traditional way of farming with the help of a better and modern machinery to enhance farming in the country.

By Maxwell Otoo|Onua FM|3news.com|Ghana

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