Aisha Huang: Ghana is obviously facing security crisis – George Loh


Former Member of Parliament for North Dayi, George Loh has said that the re-entry of Chinese galamsey queen, Aisha Huang into Ghana without permission indicates that Ghana has security crisis.

He believes that the security agencies have been sleeping on the job.

“We are looking at a bunch of jokers when it comes to our security,” Mr Loh said on the Key Points on TV3 Saturday September 10.

He added “Our security people did not get a wind of [her re-enrty]. Is it not embarrassing for immigration service to tell you that she came in through unapproved route? And they were confident to tell you. Is it not embarrassing for the security?

“These are interesting times, obviously we have a security crisis on our hands. Sincerely speaking, if you take the whole scenario and you sit back and even if you are unsophisticated security analyst, it tells you that we not on top of security.”

Meanwhile, the Immigration has denied sleeping on the job.

Public Relations Officer of the Service Michael Amoako-Atta told Media General‘s Joseph Armstrong on Tuesday, September 6 the “Immigration Service is not sleeping on the job, it is not like she entered and we have not seen, she entered and we have intercepted.”

He further indicated that Aisha Huang could be jailed for two years for unlawful re-entry into Ghana.

“If she is convicted on immigration rules, she may go in for about two years,” DSI Amoako-Atta stated.

“That is what the law says.”

Aisha Huang, after her deportation to her home country China in 2018, is said to have gone for a visa from neighbouring Togo and re-entered Ghana under a different name.

“Currently, we are now building the case because her mode of entry is one that we all want to clarify,” he said.

“Then what she got herself engaged in will have to be looked into and then we can build a proper case against her.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana




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