Ahantaman Girls’ old boys threaten boycott over 70th anniversary cloth

The controversial school cloth

Some members of the Old Boys Association of Ahantaman Senior High School in the Western Region have expressed dissatisfaction over an inscription on the schools 70th anniversary cloth.

The inscription, which reads ‘Ahantaman Girls Senior High School’, has caused outrage among the old boys, who claim it strikes a sharp contrast on their identity.

The irony is that the School used to be unisex but was changed to a girls’ school about eight years ago.

The school is set to mark its 70th year of existence, having churned out thousands of both boys and girls within the period.

But the old boys believe the inscription has been gendered against their masculinity and thus cannot wear a school anniversary cloth that reads as ‘girls school’.

On Connect FM on Friday, an executive member of old boys’ group, James Eshun, argued that the inscription on the cloth disassociates the old boys from the school and that will deter them from participating in the anniversary.

Another observation by the old boys is that the inscription does not indicate the 70th anniversary on the cloth.

The old boys expected the school anniversary committee to consider a general inscription that will include both old boys and girls of Ahantaman SHS.

Mr. Eshun said the executives have raised the concern to the school board but they are yet to receive any feedback.

But for now, the Association is considering a boycott of the anniversary should the committee refuse to change the inscription on the cloth, he said.

The climax of the anniversary is on March 17, 2018.

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By Loveridge Ampratwum Okyere|3news.com|Ghana