Aggrieved Kejetia traders threaten to petition diplomatic corps

Kejetia traders last year demonstrated against the project
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Traders at the newly built Kejetia market have threatened to petition some diplomats and embassies to escalate their grievances if a two-week ultimatum they gave city authorities expires.

The aggrieved traders say due to excessive leakages, goods in almost all shops in the market are destroyed after every downpour with those who own shops at the ground floor the hardest hit.

They complain their shops are always sunk by flooding whenever it rains, a situation they say “makes access to our shops difficult”.

“Sometimes, the displaced water enter our shops and soak all our goods,” one of the traders complained.

The traders say the situation has persisted for for almost 2 years and they believe it’s about time city authorities fixed the problem.

While speaking on Akoma FM‘s GhanAkoma on Wednesday, March 24, Spokesperson for the traders Andrews Coffie told host Aduanaba Kofi Asante Ennin that “we have to register our displeasure for the world to know exactly the defects this huge edifice has developed few years after its completion. This I believe will ensure similar defects do not occur after the second phase of the Kejetia Redevelopment Project is completed.

“Nonetheless, we expect management of this market and city authorities together with the contractors to as matter of urgency solve the leakages in the roof before our two-week ultimatum is due.”

The traders are also crying over what they describe as exorbitant electricity bills, as they say their monthly bills do not correspond to the points of electricity they consume.

“Can you believe this whole market with over 1,000 shops have only one meter for all electrical equipment, so when it comes to sharing of bills among us, there are serious disparities.”

Mr Coffie added: “I believe sometimes they just look at your face and give your electricity bill because the charges ranges from GH¢70 to GH¢200 per month.”

The traders, who seem to be frustrated by the destruction of their goods caused by leakages in the roof and the hikes in electricity bills, say after the two-week ultimatum is due, they will petition some embassies to escalate their concerns to the diplomats and other international agencies

By Nana Asenso Mensah|Akoma FM||Ghana

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