Aged pensioners given 'inhumane' treatment as gov't moves to exorcise ghost names

Some frail-looking aged pensioners also had to queue for their turn
Scores of aged pensioners spent over eight hours in long queues at Madina in Accra in a bid to be verified in an on-going headcount exercise to rid the country’s payroll system of names non-existing individuals.
As early as 6:00am, the senior citizens some of who arrived in wheel chairs and walking sticks, had thronged the Institute of Local Government for the exercise conducted by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department.
Some of them who looked sick and frail, complained about the treatment which they described as unacceptable due to the slow pace of the process they had to go through. Some spent as long as eight hours getting their turn to verify their details.
They aged formed long queue to take turns to verify their details
Boatemaa ofori, a pensioner who was frustrated by the situation said described it as “chaotic”, adding,  “there is no order; nobody is telling anybody where they should go. It’s mayhem and old people are collapsing. It’s unbelievable”
For Francis Dodoo , he did not understand why all of them were bunched together. He said there are a lot of them who are not well, saying “there are people on wheelchairs, others are using walking sticks. If they can’t plan, they should bring in people to help them.
“Simple exercise and it becomes a problem. Look at the old ladies here; just look at somebody, the person cannot even walk and she’s been here since 6 O’clock. It doesn’t make sense. What are we doing to ourselves? We don’t even have respect for our elderly, where are we going?” Mr Dodoo told TV3.
The pensioners complained of the slow pace of the process
Another pensioner, Vincent Kottey, questioned the rationale behind their treatment in the light of their tireless work for the development of the country.
“We worked hard and now look at us after our retirement. Because of little money they give us as pensioners,  see how we are suffering here. Poor arrangements here.
Meanwhile they have suggested the introduction of reforms to ensure quick information on their registration without having to travel to the various coordinating offices.
By Frederick Clarence Williams||Ghana

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