Agbodza offers to pay for publication of cocoa roads audit report

Member of Parliament for Adaklu Constituency in the Volta Region Governs Kwame Agbodza has asked the government to publish the findings of the audit report conducted into the cocoa roads projects initiated by the Mahama administration. He said he will bear the cost of the publication and so the fee should not be a concern for the government. The Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) under the board chairmanship of Hackman Owusu-Agyemang suspended all the projects undertaken by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration for an audit to be carried out by a committee. The audit has been completed and submitted to the government but the findings have not been made public. The NDC and its flagbearer, John Mahama, have challenged the government to make the figures known to the public because Ghanaians deserve to know. The Minority in Parliament, meanwhile, has accused the Majority of controlling the outcome of the audit. According to the Majority, the owner of the audit company is a member of the Council of State and he is the same person who chaired the Committee. Speaking on the New Day programme on TV3 on Monday, October 19, Mr Agbodza said: “The last time, my brother from the Committee said the report was ready, but it was too voluminous to publish, I told him that even the Ayawaso West Wuogon  report was over 450 pages but it was published. “They were  claiming the COCOBOD report was 200 and something pages so it’s too big to be published. I don’t want to waste time even if it’s online I’m saying that I would pay. “Even Daily Graphic even if it’s 500 pages, I will pay for them to publish it in a full report. Yes, that’s what I’m saying.” Government spokesperson Kofi Ameyaw, in response to these claims on the same show, said “regardless of the fact that if the information we seek for are not coming, we should not conclude based on our  field or the evidence we have that suggests something is wrong. “If there is a problem you know where to go. Don’t come to the court of public opinion and just throw out there that somebody is doing something illegal.”

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By Edem Tutu||Ghana]]>