Afriyie-Ankrah inspires students

The Dircetor of Elections for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) who is also a former Minister for Youth and Sports, Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah has organised a successful event to inspire Ghanaian youth, mostly university students.

The programme, ‘Youth Empowerment Summit 2021’, which was held at the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) was attended by hundreds of students from various tertiary institutions in Accra to tap into the motivational speaker’s experience.

The seasoned politician who doubles as a mentor for the youth who was the main speaker for the summit which is the 5th edition.


Step 1 – Believe in Your Purpose

Just like everyone has unique DNA, Thumbprint and Identity, God gave every human being a specific purpose. To know yourself is to know your purpose. Finding your purpose gives you vision in order to set clear goals for the right actions.

Step 2 – Discover & Develop Your Talents

Everyone has at least one of the following: Talents, Abilities, Skills and Gifts. Fulfilment comes from discovering and fulfilling your talents. There are types of intelligence and none is superior to another. The intelligence of an Aeronautic Engineer, Sports Person and a Fashion Designer are the same.

Step 3 – Develop Your Talents and Pay The Price

Discipline, Hard work & Focus. Don’t die with your talents. Genius is 5% Inspiration and 95% Perspiration. Most of the world’s best sportsmen and women take preparation seriously before showing up.

Step 4 – The Power of Imagination & Affirmation

Everyone possesses a certain degree of imagination ability. Imagination is the key to innovation. Mind rules the world. God brooded over the earth first (imagination) before speaking (affirmation). Positive affirmation gives quality of life, perspective, optimisation and positive energy.

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Step 5 – Turn Your Lemons into Lemonade

Turn your trials into testimonies. Adversities are part of life. Your attitude towards defeat is critical. Have a positive mental attitude.

Step 6 – Looking For Mentor(s)

Life is all about relationships and networking. Develop relationships and caucuses of like-minded people to brainstorm together. Guide against turning it into a whining and complaining affair.

Step 7 – Believing in God

This is the most important. The complexity of creation and the galaxy points to an evidence of a God. The purpose of man is to find God and His purpose for man on earth. Fulfilment, satisfaction and serenity come only from God.