Afrisipakurom, Yamfo aggrieved residents demand proper resettlement plan

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Some concerned groups in Afrisipakurom and Yamfo in the Ahafo Region have vowed to resist a government-backed mining project.

They claim a resettlement plan which is supposed to precede the mineral operation has not been carried through.

Last year, the situation almost escalated after a joint police-military team was deployed during a data collection exercise.

Affected homes have already been marked for demolition, which is expected to take place soon.

Deputy Secretary of the Concerned Youth of Afirisipa and Yamfo Lawrence Sarpong stated: “We are very much aware that the land belongs to Nananom and the gold for the government of Ghana, but the structures belong to us, the inhabitants. We would therefore not allow anybody to use either the chiefs or government machinery to intimidate us for their selfish interest.

“We are going to resist any attempt by the government, Nananom or Newmont within the remit of the law for proper engagement through Yamfo and Afrisipa RNC.”

Under the Minerals and Mining Act 2006, Act 703, inhabitants who prefer to be compensated by way of resettlement as a result of being displaced by a proposed mineral operation are settled on suitable alternate land, with due regard to their economic well-being and social and cultural value.

Resettlement is carried out in accordance with the relevant town planning laws.

But to these aggrieved inhabitants of Afrisipakurom and Yamfo, the law is not being followed through.

“In the company’s guide to land acquisition and compensation in Ahafo, it is stated that all lands access planning and activities will be undertaken in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner. Where is the cultural sensitivity in bringing five communities together to form a single Resettlement Negotiation Committee?” the aggrieved group quizzed.

By William Evans-Nkum||Ghana

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