Africans Rising organises unity football match between Ghana and Togo


The Pan African movement, Africans Rising, organised a unity football match between Ghana and Togo on the border between the two countries on AU Day, May 25.

The location of the match was strategic and formed part of the movement’s demand for a borderless Africa.

Africans Rising on Monday, May 22 launched the African Liberation Week and advocated for a borderless Africa with a week of celebration filled with uniting activities among citizens of the continent.

At the end of the match, Ghana won her eastern sibling, Togo by a lone goal which the Ghanaian team intimated represented the oneness of residents on the continent.

Coordinator of Africans Rising, Hardi Yakubu in February 2023, indicated that a Borderless Africa is non-negotiable and efforts are being made to ensure Africans, irrespective of where they find themselves, are all free.

Borderless Africa – Free Movement Campaign is a product of the All-African Movements Assembly (AAMA) held from 29-31 August 2022 in Arusha Tanzania, bringing together over 600 members of Africans Rising – Pan-African social movements, activists, human rights defenders, advocates, and key stakeholders from 55 countries across the continent and the diaspora.

The goal of the campaign is to achieve an Africa where Africans can move around their own continent without the current restrictions in place. For better trade, integration and development.

The objective of the campaign among other things is to see; the abolition of visa requirements for travel of Africans within Africa, bringing the AU protocol on free movement into force by getting at least 16 more countries to ratify it by 25th May 2023, the organization of a continent-wide grassroots push for the mass roll-out of the African passport, and the facilitation of trade among Africans through the free movement of people and goods.


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