Africans need to collaborate to ensure food security – High Commissioner of Namibia to Ghana 

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The High Commissioner of Namibia to Ghana, Selma Ashipala-Musavyi, has called for closed collaborations among Africans to ensure food sustainability on the continent.

According to her, the continent is endowed with natural resources and also fertile land space to make farming on commercial scale buoyant.

But without partnership among Africans, she said, the continent would not be able to produce enough for the people.

Speaking on the New Day show on TV3 Wednesday July 13, she said “I think what is lacking is one, political will, and secondly, we need a mind shift.

“We need to believe in ourselves, we need to believe in our own products, we need to believe that local is better, we need to believe that Africans can trade among themselves and succeed, we need to be proud of our identify, of our culture, who we are.

“Until we do that we will rely on others for consumer goods. As we are aware, everybody is talking about impact of Covid, the impact of the conflicts in Europe that has impacted food security in Africa which is not very close to the truth.

“We had issues with food security for a long time , but look at the arable land in Africa, if a country like Algeria can grow food in a desert, why can’t other African countries with arable land not do the same thing.?”

Madam Selma Ashipala-Musavyi, also urged the youth to venture into agribusiness.

“So, especially our young people, we need to get into agribusiness,” she said.


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