Africans must be worried following Trump’s election – expert

An international relations expert says the victory of the Republican candidate, Donald Trump in Tuesday’s American election is a cause for concern for African countries.
Many Africans have expressed anxiety regarding Mr. Trump’s victory due to some damning statements he made about Africans prior to the election.
The U.S ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson has also predicted tough times for illegal Ghanaian immigrants currently living in the U.S.
Speaking on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning show today, international relations expert Kwame Boateng feared for the blacks in the USA.
“If you look at his relationship between himself and the AfricanAmericans in some of the things that he said about them I think we have to be worried now that he is the president”.
He added, “Maybe he needed power and so he had to play and sing music which some people who wanted that will support him very much, and now that he has won I’m not going to say that he might change totally but maybe he will tone down a little bit.”
Still on U.S elections, President Barrack Obama has invited president-elect Donald Trump to the white House today for talks that will hinge on a smooth transition of power.
Meanwhile, there are huge protests on the streets of America following the victory
Many are shouting the slogan “not my president” whilst others continue burning orange-haired effigies of the businessman.
By Collins Essuman | | Ghana

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